Do you currently own / ride a motorcycle of 500cc or more and simply wish to ride with fellow masons?

The Widows Sons are a group of brethren who ride with the same principals of Masonry and was initially formed to assist Widows of Master Masons.

Each chapter supports various charity initiatives and raises money for them. The Widows Sons are a Masonic Rider’s Association and NOT a MC or MCC and are still governed by the Book of Constitutions (UGLE) as defined by our masonic constitutions. Furthermore, we do also abide by the various Presidents Councils that govern biking in SA.

If you are interested in riding with us, even occasionally or would like to find out more about the various chapters, please call Gary Baney on 082 364 5348 or alternatively send an email to

Please feel free to join us for a weekend breakfast run or simply meet us for a breakfast.